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Business Signs

Business Signs that Get Attention for Your Brand

Business signage is an important part of the advertising and marketing strategy of a company. Without effective signage, whether it’s permanent or portable for events, your business may as well not even have a presence. Your business signs are the actual face of your brand and, of course, your business as a whole. You undoubtedly want that face to be attractive and enticing to your target audience. Every business owner does. If you want to draw your consumers in and get them interested in your brand and what it has to offer, start with your business signs!

Your business signs should truly reflect the nature of your business. While it should tell your target audience everything that they need to know about your business, it can’t be too cluttered or jam-packed with images and information. You need to find a careful balance or you will lose out on the attention that you are looking for. A crisp and clear marketing image and message that is simple, easy to see, big enough to read and uncluttered will earn your business the attention that it deserves. In fact, it will earn it and keep it!


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Many business owners want to know how to go about creating business signs that truly have an impact. Below are a few elements of a good sign. Pay attention to these in order to boost your brand awareness in a competitive market:

  • Size

Do not skimp on this (don’t go overboard either). Your signage needs to be visible from a distance, so make sure that you don’t try to cut back on costs by choosing the smallest possible sign – you will really just be wasting money.

  • Large, clear text

If you’re including text on your business signs, make it large enough so that it’s still clear from a distance. Try to avoid cursive or fancy fonts that can be difficult to read or make out.

  • An attractive image or design

Don’t just slap an old product picture on your sign along with your logo and expect it to have an exceptional impact. The modern consumer is very visually driven. Stimulate their receptiveness to your advertising by including an attractive image or pattern. You can also opt for bold colours if you would like to avoid using images.

  • Positioning

Where you position your business signs can make all the difference. It’s great to have an eye-catching sign that will evoke engagement from your target audience. It’s not so great if the sign is positioned or located in an area where no one (or your target audience specifically) will ever see it.

Are you looking for more information and advice on how to use business signs in order to earn your brand the attention that it deserves? You have come to the right place! At Portable Shade, we are more than happy to assist you with your business signage needs.

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