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Fabric Frames

Boost your Brand With the Use of Fabric Frames for Marketing

Everybody knows that in order to sell your brand, service or product, you have to market it to your target audience. You have to create familiarity with the brand or product in order to get them to make use of it, and advertising is part of this strategy.


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You simply must make your brand as visible to your target market as possible to build brand recognition, brand familiarity, and customer loyalty.

What are Fabric Frames?

Well, usually they are called SEG fabric frames. The SEG stands for Silicone Edge Graphics. This means that they are printed on fabric that is tensioned, and dye is used to print the image on the fabric. In order to stretch the fabric across the frame, a thin strip of silicone is added to the edges to enable it to slide into a groove around the frame. This means that you get an appearance of a frameless graphic with high detail. This enables you to display high-definition images with a lit background that is visible even in the dark.

Benefits of Fabric Frames:

  • Innovative appearance: Because you want to get your brand out there, creating a sharp image is part of the deal. If you use fabric frames, your brand image creates a lasting impression with your potential target market, and the images seem to have no frame that can encumber it. The use of such attractive and versatile imagery is incredibly popular in different environments that include retail and display settings, and it is vivid and highly noticeable for your target audience. There are also no distractions that one normally encounters in images that are framed, and the drama and presence of the image is real and highly defined.
  • Easily interchangeable: The sheets of fabric can be slipped in and out of the frame in a jiffy. This means that you can print new sheets all the time and just swop them out as needed. it requires no skills and can be done by any employee, so all you have to do to change the interior of your retail outlet is to print a new sheet and exchange the one for the other. Product exposure at its best, and lots of money saved!
  • Large sizes are easy: Because it is just a strip of printed fabric, it is easy to manage and to interchange, regardless of the size. Large images benefit from this because this is an excellent way to best show them off. When considering large and cumbersome, rigid posters, fabric frames are a doddle, and there is virtually no limit in terms of how big you can go to promote your brand with them.
  • Takes up little space: We know that at every exhibition or trade show you pay for the space you take up. Fabric frames are thin and light and helps you to maximise your display space without taking up a lot of room. it is the best choice for limited spaces!

If you would like to find out more about fabric frames and how they can drive your sales, call Portable Shade today!