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Inflatable Branding

Why Marketing with Inflatable Branding is a Boon All Around

Let us think about inflatable branding and why it has become so popular today. The test is to drive somewhere and to note all the signage that you see on a daily basis. You will no doubt agree that most of it is printed, yes? It is everywhere and we cannot help but notice it.

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Traditional marketing requires us to work visibility into our advertising campaigns, but it does seem that everybody is taking the same route: print. Whether it is a billboard, a poster or a flag, it does come down to printing something on some kind of medium and then displaying this to a potential target market – or to everybody! It does get rather visually overwhelming and we sometimes feel that we are getting somewhat immune to these marketing strategies and the myriad of media they use!

But now there is a new way to excite people and get them to notice your brand power. Signage is no longer the bomb, and we have moved on to something that draws the eye much more effectively than a static print. It is tailored to the needs of the business, it is unique, and it is the next big thing! Of course, here we are referring to inflatable branding. It is here, and it is here to stay! It can cater to a wide variety of advertising sizes and shapes, they are virtually impossible not to notice, and they can propel your brand into a whole new stratosphere! It is also customisable according to the size of the event and the prominence of the brand.

Inflatable Crowd Pleasers

Kids and adults alike love the eye-catching inflatable arch! Once you walk underneath that arch it is like entering a new realm of fun and this is your opportunity to let your brand welcome all new customers. Because they are so highly visible, they stir a sense of curiosity about what is behind them, and it draws people from all over to see what is going on. Even if you have no idea about what the actual drawcard is here, the inflatable branding of the arch will draw the eye and make you curious about what is happening. It sparks a sense of adventure and makes people want to be there!

Branding Technique and Design

Of course, how you present your brand is vital. Your inflatable branding is going to sink if it is not designed well or puts people off. The design, logos, patterns, colours, and text have to home in on the potential consumer and it has to make them want to explore the options beyond the arch. It should draw the eye and not repel it, and it must speak volumes about the identity of the brand! It has to be highly visual but also retain an air of mystery and promise in order to draw the potential consumer in. This is why it is so important to get true professionals to design and manufacture your inflatable branding products. One of the fundamentals of marketing still remains great design, and you have to invest in professional designers to put together you marketing campaign materials.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits and techniques of inflatable branding design, why not speak to our experts at Portable Shade? We have all the creativity, knowledge and design expertise to bring your brand to the forefront and get it noticed, so give us a call today!